You want a Web Site!

Great! Its easy to get started. What we provide is a database driven web template that allows you to control the information on your site.

First, Get a Name

Or domain name to be exact. A domain name (or url) is the information in the address bar of your browser (www.WebnDeavors.com in this case). It is how people find, and hopefully remember you and your site. So it should reflect your purpose for the web site and be easy to remember.

Second, Host your Site

If you are a small business or an individual, renting is much cheaper. And, if you are not a technical person, it is also easier. The typical price to host a web site is $5 to $25 a month. With WebnDeavors, we host your site with a database and a template for that price.

Third, select the Options?

With our template, you can add features to your site by simply turning them on. Currently available features are; Product/Services Pages, Ordering, Specials, Calendar, Events, News, Links, Contact Pages, Photo Albums, FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions), Newsletters, etc. And, more are being added all the time. If that doesn't cover your need, the template gives you the ability to add your own user pages.

Fourth, eMail addresses

You also get your own eMail addresses. They will be @yourwebsite.com (just as here they are @webndeavors.com). This includes web mail (or the ability to check your email wherever you are from the web) and spam tools.

How about a Database Driven Website? We have a prebuilt database template website that you can;

* Subscribe

* Pick a domain name

* The template is propogated

* Login and Start entering your data

Its that simple. View our

Sample Solution

If you would like a test user id and password, go to the request info page on the test site and simply request one.